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เรียนภาษาอังกฤษออนไลน์ ด้วยหลักสูตรคุณภาพ โดย อ.ปริญญ์ PrinEnglish

Online English Courses

Over 9 Years of Providing Online English Learning

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Integrated English Solutions by Qualified Instructor

Integrated English Solutions
by Qualified Instructor

Comprehensive Courses, Instruction and Data Services for your English Learning Needs

เรียนภาษาอังกฤษครบวงจร ด้วยหลักสูตร ผู้สอน และ Data Services คุณภาพสูง

ด้วยหลักสูตร ผู้สอน และ Data Services คุณภาพสูง

Our Vision & Mission

English isn’t just a language – it’s a runway where you can take off on your way anywhere.

PrinEnglish makes it simple based on strong foundations, bringing growth to everyone, everywhere – like well-cared seedlings and saplings.

“ภาษาอังกฤษไม่ใช่เพียงแค่ภาษา แต่เป็นสิ่งที่จะทำให้เราค้นพบเส้นทางของตนเอง” – อ.ปริญญ์

“Learning happens everywhere. Be part of the experience.” – This is my principle underlying PrinEnglish.

Since a child, I was fortunate to have realized my love for English and have been provided many opportunities by countless kind people to pursue and attain mastery in this language. Many say it’s because of talent, but in fact it’s not. For one to truly understand something, it requires unceasing affection and a dedicated spirit – just treating it as a diversion is never enough.

Mistakes - The Way for Growth

You cannot know what is correct until you know what is incorrect. ‘Why’ and ‘how’ are the words that are always in my daily life. The process to come up with an answer is to do something to prove it.

Regarding roles, the main reason isn’t whether you are leading or following – the most important thing is how can you do the right thing to bring about changes.

Study UK Alumni Awards Thailand 2021-2022

Social Action Award Category (Shortlisted Alumni)
for creating positive social change and improving the lives of others in areas including: reducing inequality, poverty and hunger, education and upskilling, peace and justice

University College London

MA Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages with Merit

Cambridge English

CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teaching qualification

Standardized Test Scores

• Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) - Grade A
• TOEFL iBT - 118/120
• IELTS - 8.5/9.0
• TOEIC - 990/990

First Place in English Tests & Competitions

National, provincial, university & school levels

Our Focus

Efficient Services and System

PrinEnglish supports all aspects of learning – from course design, teaching, learning data collection and reporting, learner support, and solving any technical issues. We provide:

• Consultation and pre-tests to find suitable courses for learners
• An online learning platform with unlimited 24-hour access to lessons and exercises from anywhere, on servers ensuring smooth, problem-free access and data security and privacy
• Courses developed with learners in mind – with complexity and depth that match to their levels

High Quality Courses and Teaching

To ensure high quality courses and teaching:

• The instructor (Aj. Prin) is well-qualified with standardized English test scores
• Courses are influenced by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
• Lessons have detailed instruction with translation of vocabulary and concepts to allow for complete understanding
• All learners are fully supported – should they have any questions or technical issues, we are on hand to solve them

For learning to be effective, having a competent instructor and courses are a must. Like hiring a professional builder for your house, we can be sure that the foundations are able to support the structures built on top so that the house is sturdy, safe and follows construction principles, giving us confidence that we can live comfortably with peace of mind – this is no different from choosing a qualified English learning provider who can give you the best curriculum, instruction and learning data reporting on a reliable platform.

We are Trusted by
We are Trusted by

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Correct - Accurate - Clear - Easy
ถูกต้อง แม่นยำ ชัดเจน เข้าใจง่าย

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